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May 01, 2019

Meet Constance.

Meet Constance: Mom. Wife. Business Owner. Christ follower. 

These are just a few roles that this lady fills in her every day life. We asked Constance a few questions on lifestyle, fashion, and media. Here, you can find advice given by a woman just like you. 

Her ideal fashion is a trendy bohemian look, but as a full time business owner and full time mom, she leans more towards a sporty street style!

"I run my own business where I am either working from home or meeting clients in public settings. If I am not doing that, I am out and about with a 3 year old. So I need comfy but cute. Most days you could find me in ripped skinny jeans, a fun (food related) graphic tee and wedge sneakers!"

In this day and age, modesty is most often swept under the rug in cinema, on Instagram feeds, and even in the current fashion trends. As Christ followers living in this day and age, we know our bodies are a temple meant to be holy and protected from the world. 

"I am a mother to a daughter. I am determined to teach her that we are not intended to show our bodies to the world. However, I also work hard to stay in shape and can't stand to wear clothes that have no waistline or fit like a bag."

A common issue for stay at home mom's or ladies who work from home is, "Why should I dress well today? I'm not going to see anyone besides my kids," or "I have a hard enough time getting my babies dressed, should I care so much about how I look?" 

Constance understands and empathizes with this completely. Even if you aren't a mother, you can definitely take away from this advice:

"After becoming a mom, my wardrobe changed completely. I went from wearing business attire daily in a professional setting to being at home or at a coffee shop in my yoga pants. I quickly learned that if I didn't FEEL good about myself, I did not perform to my potential. The way we dress really can impact the way we feel about ourselves and our productivity for the day. Because I am home a lot, one thing I did that made a huge difference was I invested in pretty lounge clothes. I realized that I spent most of my life in lounge clothes, so why not spend good money on some that aren't old t-shirts with stains on the front!  Just because I am a mama and wife does not mean that I am supposed to stop caring about myself. My confidence and attitude will overflow into everyone in my home and I have full control over whether it will have a positive or negative effect."

Anyone could tell you media has a huge say in how we, as women, feel about ourselves in terms of lifestyle and self image. Being a woman in today's society, Constance has some great advice on rising above the attitude of comparison!

"Scrolling social media wishing to look or be like someone else isn't going to get us anywhere but depressed. One of my favorite quotes by Rachel Hollis is "Comparison is the death of all joy, and the only person you need to be better than was the one you were yesterday." We only have one life to live and living it wishing it were someone else's is an absolute waste! Do other people have better hair than me or a talent I wish I had? HECK YES. But there is a difference between dwelling on it with self pity and actually acknowledging a desire for yourself and working hard to pursue it. Once we as women truly understand this, it only comes natural to be able to push down the self doubt, become confident and thankful for what we have, and truly want to praise other women for their blessings too."

Alongside her main priority of raising her daughter, Constance also runs her own small business! She understands that today's world is constantly trying to shove the next dieting scheme in our faces.

"Women jump on one bandwagon praying it will be the fix they need, just to realize it is too complicated, too time consuming, or flat out doesn't work. This nasty cycle has caused such negative self worth among women."

With this in mind, Constance found a way to make a difference in a world of dieting stigmas. She started her own way to help ladies see that healthy living is possible!

"I started Perfect Fit Nutrition to teach women how to eat real food again. To learn moderation and portion control and that they, in fact, do not have to only eat celery sticks to lose weight! My ideal client is a busy, picky mama with a busy, picky family who truly thinks all hope is lost for her when it comes to weight loss; someone who has tried every diet just to lose and regain the same 20 pounds. These women are the most reluctant to believe that they can enjoy all foods and still lose weight, but when they try it and realize that it is possible, they are in it for life!"

Perfect Fit Nutrition has a Lean Queens Weight Loss Challenge coming up - starting on June 5th! 

"This is by far the most affordable and fun package I offer!"  Sign up details are here!   

Thanks for reading! Follow the links below to see more about Perfect Fit Nutrition!


Editor: Ansley Burford

Marketing Manager and Photographer for Paper Doll Boutique.

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